Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To help build a Malawi where young people are able to develop their potential and contribute to sustainable development of their country.

Our Mission

To encourage, promote and coordinate youth development and empower young people to participate effectively in development and governance of their communities.

Our Values

We are currently implementing our Strategic Plan (SP) for the period 2015-2020 and our effort is guided by the following principles and values:

Guiding Principles

  • Active involvement of the youth in decision-making and national development programmes and policy debates;
  • Youth participation and programme implementation in the best interest of the youth;
  • Non-discrimination based on age, sex, marital status, culture, religion, ethnicity, disability and other vulnerabilities including HIV status;
  • Respect for individual human dignity, culture, democracy, human rights and rule of law; elders and others, people’s beliefs and views, one’s cultural values;
  • Regard for environment for sustainable national development;
  • Respect for gender equality and equity of opportunities;
  • Respect the rights of young people as provided for in the Republican Constitution; and
  • Promotion of national unity and discipline.

Core Values

The effective implementation of NYCOM SP is based on the core values listed below which NYCOM staff, affiliates, partners and stakeholders must adhere to:

  • Pursuit of excellence in one’s maximum potential and assertiveness;
  • Promotion for self-development and education (including vocational and tertiary education);
  • Promotion of the total well-being of oneself physically, intellectually, spiritually, culturally and morally; and
  • Promotion of spirit of self-reliance; patriotism and volunteerism.