Contact:Hippo Honde (M) - ED
Focus:HIV/AIDS, OVC, HBC, SRH, Youth Empowerment

Contact:Hastings Mkandawire (M) -ED
Focus:Poverty Reduction, Employment, Economic Empowerment, STIs, SHR, Education

Contact:Moses Nkhana
Focus:Youth Participation, Governance

Contact:Robert Mbaya (M) - ED


Focus:HIV/AIDS, Vocational Skills Training, Gender Equality, Renewable Energy, Environment, Culture

Contact:Cosmas Kadete or Hodges Chinyama
Focus:Vocational Skills Training, HIV/AIDS, Family Planning, SRH

Contact:Andrew Bwanali (M) -ED
Focus:Human rights, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Gender Equality and Child Labour

Contact:Kennedy Warren or Chancy Mkandawire (M) -ED
Focus:Human and Children's Rights
Phone:01683057/ 0888023165/ 0999356412/ 09951272265

Contact :Esulow Nyondo (ED)

Focus :HIV/AIDS, SRH, Environment, Sanitation

Phone :0884509960/ 0995831902/ 0993440481/ 0999192194/ 0882975870/ 0882567312/ 088509960

Contact : Arthur Kanjere

Focus : Advocacy and Behaviour Change Intervention Communication

Phone : 0881641946/ 0999456578/ 0882670555/ 0881442491/ 0999456578

Contact :Kossam Jomo Munthasi (M) - ED

Focus :HIV/AIDS, HBC, Gender Equality, Advocacy

Contact:0888510259, 0999793698, 01362712, 0995279771, 0884930420,

Contact Name : Montgomery Mambango

Phone : 0993120638/0992053096/0999634569/0999954244/0999704553

Focus : HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC

Contact : Stanley Mwandosya (M) - ED


Focus : HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC, Food Security, Human Rights, Entrepreneurship, Business loans

Phone : 999414511


Focus : HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Gender Equality

Phone : 0999118112/0994347691/0999574432/0998564991/0991737334/0998682077/0996595529/0996180542

Contact :Charles Bernet Phiri (M) - ED

Focus : SRH, Agriculture, Food Security, Education,Climate Change Mitigation, Vocational Skills,

Phone : 0999127842, 0995727142,0992913857

Contact :Gently Kamanga (M) - ED

Focus : Gender Equality, Health, SRH, Peer Education, Life Skills, Behaviour Change

Phone : 0996055090/ 0999408136/ 0881025353/

Contact :Dan Kapombosola

Focus :Agriculture, Environment, Education, HIV and AIDS and SRHR, Entrepreneurship,Governance, Human Rights, Infant and Young People malnutrition, Girl Empowerment

Phone : 0995354703, 0885273710

Contact :Chifuniro Kayesa

Focus   :Environment, Agriculture, Food security, HIV/AIDS,SRH,Child protection

Phone  : 0999603089/ 0884476459

Contact : Clement Mwale

Focus    :Environment, Education, HIV and AIDS, SRHR, Governance,Vocational Skills

Phone    : 881684151, 0882512588

Contact : Happy Kasiya- ED

Focus  : HIV and AIDS, Human Rights, Governance, Gender Equality, Child Protection 

Phone  : 0999802046, 0888125240,0884058681,0997778014

Contact : McDonald Kuchilemba (M)

Focus  :Youth Groups

Phone  :09995124510/ 0884470213/ 0884053768/ 088590535

Contact:Evans Lwara
Focus:Agriculture, Food Security, Environment and Climate Change
Phone:0888733020, 0888833032

Contact:Patrick J. Mwale (M) - ED
Focus:Water and Sanitation, Child Protection, OVC, Education, Voter and Civic Education, Democracy, Governance
Phone :0888 583 265/0999 583 265/ 0999768221/ 01342219

Contact:Melvin Nxumayo (M) - D
Focus:HIV/AIDS, Education, Child Labour
Phone:0995636777/ 0993561195/ 0999372054

Contact:A Mseka or Twonga Mkhalauheni (M) - ED
Focus:HIV/AIDS, Child and Human Rights, Gender Equality, Environment, Child Labour, Food Security
Phone:0995767831/ 0999196586/ 0888505301

Contact:Shupo Kamwenda
Focus:HIV/AIDS, OVC, Governance, Sports, Culture, Child Protection
Phone:0888659925/ 0999240527/ 0999030373/ 0882171660/ 0882185602

Focus:HIV/AIDS, SRH, OVC, PLWH, PMTCT, Climate Change, Poverty

Contact:Moses Nkhana
Focus:Youth Participation, Governance
Phone:0995679460/ 0995420903/ 0999325810

Contact:Peter Mumba-ED
Focus:HIV and AIDS, Youth Empowerment, Education, Culture

Contact:Charles Mlogera (M)
Focus:HIV/AIDS, OVC, Education, Vocational Skills Training
Phone:0999328716/ 0991611562/ 088875780/ 0111933540/ 0111934642

Contact:Evalisto Phiri or Victor Kanyala (M) - ED
Focus:HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC, Vocational Skills Trainings, Sports, Entertainment
Phone:0999118306/ 0996445226/ 01333471/ 0995434507/ 0999622855

Focus:Human Rights, Governance, Education, Health

Focus:Human Rights, Democracy, Governance
Phone:0999952446/ 01312496/ 0111621775/ 80000055 (hotline)

Contact:Samson Longiwe (M) - ED
Focus:HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Orphan Care & Support, OVC, Peer Education
Phone84469885/ 0999157551/ 0111992847/ 0888725183/ 0995391803

Focus:HIV/AIDS, OVC, Environment, Child Rights, Safe Motherhood

Focus:IDS, Environment, Human Rights, Governance, Vocational Skills Training, Entreprenuership
Phone:0998669662/ 0997339493/ 088406311/0888813787/0998679457

Contact:Hastings Mkandawire (M) -ED
Focus:Poverty Reduction, Employment, Economic Empowerment, STIs, SHR, Education