Contact:Handsome Kwanda or Luke Chiundira (M) -ED
Focus:Gender Equality, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Food Security, Environment, Sports

Contact:Esulow Nyondo (ED)

Focus:HIV/AIDS, SRH, Environment, Sanitation


Contact:Gibozi Mphanzi (M) -ED
Focus:OVC, Education

Contact:Andrew Bwanali (M) -ED
Focus:Human rights, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Gender Equality and Child Labour

Contact:Steve Yohone, Dennis Milala, Madalitso Nkhata
Focus:HIV/AIDS, SRH, Behaviour Change, Agriculture, Parenting, Civic Education

Contact:Paul Duncan (M) -ED


Focus:HIV/AIDS, SRH, Environment, Rural Livelihoods, Gender Equality, Human Rights

Focus:HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Gender Equality

Contact:Kefined Chifuti (M) -ED
Focus:Vocational Skills Training

Contact:McDonald Kuchilemba (M)
Focus:Youth Groups

Contact:Diego Kaselera (M) -ED

Contact : Joster Makoza (M) -ED

Focus  :Education, Gender Equality, HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC, OVC, Human Rights, Substance Abuse

Phone  :0884352183/ 0991581928

Contact :Justin J.K.Chimangeni (M) -ED

Focus  :HIV/AIDS, SRH, Youth Participation, Education, Early Childhood Development, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Agriculture and Food Security, Environment

Phone  :0991104982/ 0995926585 / 0888527252

Contact :Alex Goweka (M) -ED

Focus  :Skills Training, Education, SRH, Family Planning, Environment, Agriculture, Economic Empowerment

Phone  :0999319139/ 0993996401/ 0995490622/ 0992851846

Contact :Anthony Mzambwe

Focus   :HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC

Phone  :0995963612/ 0995727851

Contact :Bright Kampaudi (M) - ED

Focus  : HIV/AIDS, Child and Human Rights, Gender Equality

Phone  :0999511879/ 01223745

Contact :Bright Kampaudi (M) - ED

Focus  : HIV/AIDS, Child and Human Rights, Gender Equality

Phone  :0999511879/ 01223745

Contact : McWilliams Mhone or Mark Mhone (M) -P

Focus  : Vocational Skills Training, Human Rights, HIV/AIDS, SRH, HBC, OVC, Gender Equality, Environment, Education

Phone : 0888717492/ 0999598559

Contact :Andrew Bwanali (M) -ED

Focus    : Human rights, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Gender Equality and Child Labour

 Phone   : 0997758761/ 0882692371

Contact  :Francisco Manduwah

Focus     :Agriculture, Food security, Environment, Education, HIV and AIDS, SRHR,Entrepreneurship, Governance, Human Rights, Gender Equality

 Phone    :0995388121, 0881189231, 0995514174

Contact  : Kondwani Phimbani (M)-ED

Focus  :  Agriculture, Climate change, Education, HIV and AIDS, Entrepreneurship,Governance,Sports,Child protection 

Phone   : 0884318088, 0884539547,0881554331

Contact : Kefined Chifuti (M) -ED

 Focus : Vocational Skills Training

Phone  : 0999666866/ 0995262761

Contact :Dan Chahanika (M) -ED

Focus    :

Phone    :0884625138/ 0997397498

Contact:Benson Manda-ED

Focus  : SRHR, HIV and AIDS, Agriculture, Human Rights,

 Phone :888327116

Contact : Issac Yohane (M) -ED

Focus    :HIV/AIDS, SRH, Behaviour Change, Girls Empowerment, Gender Equality, Education, Human Rights, Environment

Phone    : 0992602791/0881470760/ 0992021992/ 0999440309

Contact:Ebenezer Mensa-ED
Focus:Eduacation, Entrepreneurship
Phone: 996361832

Contact : Mussa Zalira (M) -ED


Phone:0999713442/ 0995454174

Contact : Nephitali Chizongo (M) -ED

Focus    :HIV/AIDS, Environment

Phone    :0999270672/

Contact :Chikondi Njaya - P.O. or Maxwell Mwale (M) -ED

Focus    :Entreprenuership, Vocational Skills Training, HIV/AIDS, SRH, Education, Empowerment

Phone   : 0999407436/ 0999667642/ 0884021125

Contact :Rodgers Newa (M) -ED

Focus    : Human and Chilrden's RIghts, Skills Building, SRH, Sports, Recreation, Empowerment

 Phone   :01727825/ 0888361887/ 0999738310

Contact :Lucky Crown Mbewe (M) -ED

Focus  :Child and Human Rights, OVC, Democracy, SRH, HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC, Sports, Recreation

Phone  :01716484/ 0888893829/ 0999562460

Contact:Edward Phiri (M) -ED

Focus  :Youth Advocacy, Networking, School Outreach, Youth Friendly Health Services, IEC and Media, ICT, Monitoring and Documentation

Phone  :01731646/ 0999272936/ 0881160345/ 0888643668

Contact:Hardwick Chilowa

Focus   :Behaviour Change, HIV/AIDS, SRH, STIs, Early Pregnancies, Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Phone   :0995269874/ 09479728/ 0999637652/ 0999637625/ 0999479728

Contact : Mayeso Kumasala (M) -ED

Focus  : Food Security, Health, Gender Equality, Human rights, Youth and child development, OVC

Phone:0884151788/ 0884344894

Contact : Christopher Chimangeni

Focus  : SRH, HIV AND AIDS, Human Rights, Education, Environment

Phone:0999337722/ 0111730857

Contact:Fryson Chodzi (M) -ED

Focus : Youth Development, HIV/AIDS

Phone :0999950925, 0999575737, 0888488822

Contact :Laston Mtawali (M) -ED

Focus :HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Economic Empowerment, Health, Water and Sanitation

Phone : 0999367225/ 0999407774

Contact :Lusayo Mwanganya

Focus    :Agriculture, Food Security,Education, HIV and AIDS, Governance and Human Rights

Phone    :0999357561, 0881269184, 0111927534

Contact :Davis Chunga- ED

Focus    :HIV and AIDS, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Child protection

Phone   : 999379260

Contact : Fatima Mpambe (F) - P.O. or Atuyeye Msiska Gondwe - ED

Focus : Gender Equality, Education, Sports, SRH, Education, School Dropouts

 Phone :0993465019/ 0999475335

Contact: Tiwone Bande (F) -P

Focus : Girls Empowerment, Gender Equality, Education

Phone : 0993478109/ 0888703206

Contact::Grecian Chiponde

Focus   : HIV/AIDS, Water and Sanitation, Human Rights

Phone:0995518618/ 0888120017/ 0888328500

Contact:Yamikani Chunga (M) -ED

Focus  : HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Education, Literacy, Gender Equality, Youth Empowerment, Environment

Phone  :0888426318/ 0992339465

Contact:Gladys Kwaule (F), Felix Damson (M)

Focus  : Agriculture, Food Security, Youth Development, HIV/AIDS, SRH, Human Rights, Behaviour Change, Civic Education, Sports, Environment

Phone : +265884755248/ +265111906050/ +265999446447

Contact:Chimwemwe Dilio (M)-ED

Focus : HIV/AIDS, Agriculture, Environment, Education, Early Childhood Development

Phone : 0884042337, 0993555337,0999184463, 0881207570,0995029311

Contact: Patience Silungwe-ED

Focus : Environment, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Girl Empowerment,Child protection


Contact:Ruth Magela (F) -ED

Focus   : Gender Equality

Phone  :01753392/ 01759213/ 0991153170 /0995509467/ 09416068/ 0999205462

Contact:Ronnie Phiri - ED

Focus  :Human Rights, Governance, Youth Empowerment, HIV/AIDS, Climate Change, Environmental Protection, Child Labour

Phone  :(0) 111 749 095

Contact:Kennedy Katsekera (M) -CP

Focus  :HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC, OVC, Sports

Phone  :0999321087/ 0999628421

Contact:A.F. Nkhoma

Focus   :HIV/AIDS, SRH, Vocatonal Skills Training, Agriculture, Sports and Recreation

Phone  :

Contact :Steven Kanene (M) -ED

Focus    :Civic Education

Phone    : 01750431, 01750986, 0999242691

Contact :Brian Kuntindi (M) -ED

Focus    :Food security, Agriculture, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Education, Sports and recreation

Phone    :0999603026, 0882572629, 0881180958, 0882817424

Contact:Patrick Banda (M) -Treasure

Focus  : Youth participation

Phone  :0995400729/

Contact:Peter Mawanga (M) -CEO

Focus  :Music & Arts

Phone:0888411886/ 01795313

Contact:Yobu Chikanda-ED

Focus :Agriculture, Human Rights, Girl Empowerment, Environment, SRHR, Entrepreneurship, Education,

Phone:0999670333, 0885491003, 0882882910,0885085456,0884144404

Contact:Madalitso Chizomola

Focus : Agriculture, Climate change, Education, HIV and AIDS, SRHR, Governance, Human Rights, Child Protection

Phone:0993849849, 0995444254

Contact:McDonald Smart

Focus :Agriculture, Climate change, Education, HIV and AIDS, SRHR, Governance, Human Rights, Child Protection

Phone:0882631182, 0995657125, 0881471955

Contact:Gibson Khumulani (M) -ED

Focus   : HIV/AIDS, Behaviour Change, Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Contact:Kenneth Msiska (M) -ED

Focus  :Advocacy, ICT training

Phone:01757360/ 01924580/ 0888501622/ 0999187026

Contact:Clement Makuwa (M) -ED

Focus  :Democracy, Cultural values, Political Participation, Leadership, Civic education, Governance

Phone:0999695174/ 0888347408/ 0884210173

Contact :Fatsani Victor Kantiki (M) -D

Focus    :Food Security, Human and Children's Rights, SRH, Gender Equality, HIV/AIDS, Promotion of farming youth talents

Phone    :0999926554/ 088802454/ 0999927888/ +2651715102


Focus   : HIV/AIDS, Youth Participation, Economic empowerment, Vocational Skills Training, ICT, Media, Music

 Phone  : 01200392/01715170/0999351439

Contact :Clara Kaputa (F) -ED

Focus    :Youth Participation, Policy Advocacy, Environment, Youth Friendly Health Services

Phone    :0884170271, 0885677777,

Contact :Evans Phiri

Focus    :Agriculture, Education(Primary ICT literacy), Entrepreneurship, Governance and Human Rights

Phone    :881514811

Contact :Fredrick Mkula (M) -ED

Focus    :OVC, Peer Education

Phone    :0999793554/ 0999138006/ 0888300267

Contact :Gibozi Mphanzi (M) -ED

Focus    :OVC, Education

Phone   :  01929784/ 0882425894/ 0995142328/ 0111929784

Contact:Jane Kopa-Kamanga (F) - ED

Focus   :Agriculture, Human Rights, Advocacy, Adolecent Girls Education, Environment

Phone   :884684582

Contact :Mphatso Kapito-ED

Focus    :Agriculture and Food security, Environment, Education, HIV and AIDS, SRHR, Entrepreneurship, Human Rights, Governance, Gender Equality

 Phone  :888513340

Contact :Peter Salanje (M) -ED or Grace Ngamiza (F) -P

Focus    :HIV/AIDS, Environment, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Youth Participation

Phone   :0881665904/0999416335/0999416335

Contact :Alex Kachitsa

Focus   : Agriculture, Environment, Education, HIV and AIDS, SRHR, Governance, Child Protection, Girl Empowerment

Phone  : 0999752573, 0881051414, 0881486809, 0884129684

Contact :

Focus   :SRH, Behaviour Change, Environment, Food Security

Phone  : 0995475868/ 09999648781/ 0993004282

Contact:Issac Banda or Rastam Mazimbe (M) - ED
Focus:Education, Youth Participation, HIV/AIDS, Vocational Skills Training
Phone:0994783602/ 0888942256/ 0998051521/ 0995127265/ 0993097560

Contact:Sharif Banda (F) - ED
Focus:Sports, Cultural, Agricultural, Vocational Skills Training, HIV/AIDS, SRH, Gender Equality, Environmental
Phone:0881258023/ 0999793174/ 0993772878/ 0994332824/ 0884467246/ 0999317271/ 0881467376

Contact:James Chimbiya
Focus:Agriculture, Climate change, Education, HIV and AIDS, SRHR, Governance, Human Rights, Child Protection
Phone:0882168809, 0992191268

Contact:Dan Eddie Nthara
Focus:Agriculture, HIV AND AIDS, SRH, Entrepreneurship, Women empowerment, Gender Equality

Contact:Simeon Alimon-ED
Phone:0999300987, 0888300987