Contact:Willard Mwambo (M) -ED
Focus:Human and Childrens Rights, HIV/AIDS, OVC, SRH, Environment, Sports and Recreation, Peer Education, Food Security

Contact:Gift Katunga (M) -ED
Focus:HIV/AIDS, Environment, Food Security, Human Rights, Democracy, OVC, HBC

Contact:Gift Chimbalanga (M) -ED
Focus:HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC, Behaviour Change, Vocational Skills Training, Education, Computer/ICT training

Contact:Charles Sineta (M) -ED
Focus:Livelihoods, Agriculture, Health, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Sanitation WASH, Governance, Vocational Skills Training

Contact:Mac Bain Mkandawire (M) -ED
Focus:Human Rights, Democracy, Advocacy, HIV/AIDS, Guidance and Counselling, Economic Empowerment, Leadership, SRH, Gender Equality, Resource Centres and Tithandizane Helpline, Vocational and Livlihood skills training, OVCs

Contact:Lamecks Kiyare Banda
Focus:SRH, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Climate Change, OVC, Gender Equality, Family Planning

Contact:Gift Katunga (M) -ED
Focus:HIV/AIDS, Environment, Food Security, Human Rights, Democracy, OVC, HBC

Contact:Suzgo Banda� Coordinator or Vincent Thom - PO
Focus:SRH, HIV/AIDS, HTC, YFHS, Vocational Skills Training, Environment, Agriculture

Contact:John Fernando (M) -ED
Focus:Behaviour Change

Contact:Aubrey Mbewe (M) -ED
Focus:PLWHAs, HIV/AIDS, Prisoners, Elderly


Address:Andiamo Campus, nsamala

Mailing Address:PO Box 314, Balaka

Main Contact :Andrew Galeta (M) -ED

Organisational Focus:Economic Empowerment

Address : Andiamo Campus, nsamala

Mailing Address : P.O. Box 484, Balaka

Main Contact : Charles Sineta (M) -ED

Organisational Focus : Livelihoods, Agriculture, Health, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Sanitation WASH,

Main Contact : Mac Donald Kanawe (M)

Organisational Focus : HIV/AIDS, OVC, Counselling, Human and Child Rights, Gender Equality, Entrepreneurship, Orphan care, Democracy and Governance, Civic Education

Phone Number :01604392/ 01604394/ 088106200474/ 9990620887/ 884403397

Main Contact :Marcel Chisi (M) -ED

Organisational Focus :Peer Education, Counseling, Human Rights, Forestry, Youth Clubs, Environment, Vocational Skills Training

Phone Number :0999429511/ 01655079

Main Contact :Kenneth Mtago (M) -ED

Organisational Focus : Human and Children's Rights

Phone Number : 0999662499/ 01880495


Contact:Ephraim Chimwaza
Focus:Agriculture, HIV AND AIDS, SRH
Phone : 999458907

Contact:Petro Shawa (M) -ED
Focus:HIV/AIDS, SRH, YFHS, Peer Education, Family Planning, Counselling, Career Guidance, Governance and Democracy, Voter and Civic Education, Vocational Skills Training, ICT Training, Disability Assistance, Recreation
Phone:0999621674/ 0884554793

Contact:Harney Chimaliro (M) -ED

Focus:Empowerment, Participation, HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC, SRH, Democracy, Governance, Environment, Gender Equality, Human Rights,

Phone:01607232/ 0888644460/ 0888879447

Contact : Moyowina Mongora (M) -ED

Focus : Environment, SRH, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Democracy, Agriculture, Forestry, Empowerment

Phone : 0888856292/ 0999312288/ 0882139258/ 0888188385/ 0999105098/ 0999752794

Contact : Maxwell Matewere (M) -ED

Focus : Child protection, Human Trafficking

Phone : 01830010/ 0999342266/ 0999222790/ 0999511311

Contact :

Focus :Gender Equality, Education, HIV/AIDS

Phone :0888573670/ 0888850777/

Contact :Jones Mwalwanda (M) -ED

Focus :SRH, Agriculture, Foresty, Environment

Phone :0999552003/ 0999938349

Contact : Jack Chimwanza (M) -ED

Focus : Human rights, Gender Equality, Democracy, Food Security, Environment, OVC, HIV/AIDS, Water and Sanitation

Phone : 0995335839/ 0999672228

Contact:Great Viyuyi

Focus:Empowerment, Computers/ICTs



Focus:Orphan Care, OVC, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights



Contact :Winston Mhaongo (M) -ED

Focus : Entreprenuership, Employmnet, Economic Empowerment, Human Rights, Environment, HIV/AIDS, SRH

Phone : 0881051517/ 0995702139/ 0888396294, 09981323101

Contact :John Josiki (M) -ED

Focus : Agriculture, Food Security, HIV and AIDS, SRH, Youth Empowerment

Phone : 0999680242/ 0881431000, 0888412850

Contact :

Focus :SRH, Water and Sanitation, Behaviour Change,

Phone :0884305847/ 099515118/ 0888854646

Contact :Aubrey Mbewe (M) -ED

Focus   :PLWHAs, HIV/AIDS, Prisoners, Elderly

Phone  :0999046639/ 0999922255/ 0888540759

Contact : Francis Story-ED

Focus:Agriculture, HIV AND AIDS, SRH, Entrepreneurship, Women empowerment, Gender Equality, Education

Phone :0884892668, 0995469629,0884482611

Contact :John Nkhwazi (M)-ED

Focus :HIV and AIDS, SRH, Arts and Culture, Gender Based Violence,Safe motherhood

Phone :0888365355/ 0881698120

Contact :Mario Elias (M) -ED

Focus :Recreation, Food Security, Vocational Skills Training, Human Rights, HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Environment, Democracy

Phone :0884 450 934/0888636245

Contact :Kumbukani Chidothi (M) -ED

Focus :HIV/AIDS, Education, Human Rights, Peer Education

Phone :0999083982/ 0999913138

Contact :Kondwani Phiri (M) -ED

Focus :Human Rights, Environment, Sanitation, Agricultural, Vocational Skills Training, Recreation, Alcohol Abuse

Phone :0995762070/ 0995762078

Contact :Gift Katunga (M) -ED

Focus :HIV/AIDS, Environment, Food Security, Human Rights, Democracy, OVC, HBC

Phone :0999015488/ 0884066929/ 0999194988

Contact :Crosbel Chilongo-ED

Focus :Agriculture, Environment, Education, HIV and AIDS, SRHR, Entrepreneurship, Governance, Human Rights, Child and Women protection

Phone :0882684841, 0996938040

Contact :Martin Mseche

Focus    : Agriculture, Climate Change, Entrepreneurship, Wildlife Education and conservation,

Phone    : 0884508454, 0993824701, 0884026481

Contact :Cecilis Chivunga (F) - ED

Focus    :

Phone    :0888753077/0882257570

Contact :Lamecks Kiyare Banda

Focus   :SRH, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Climate Change, OVC, Gender Equality, Family Planning

Phone   :0999793554/ 0999138006/ 0888300267/ 0888774724

Contact :

Focus    :HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC

Phone    :0995310532/ 0888598208/ 099673791

Contact :Yusuf Kassam (M) -ED

Focus    :HIV/AIDS, SRH, Education, School Services

Phone    : 0888665493/ 0993615718/ 0993451339/ 0993521204

Contact :Kingsley Chimombo (M) -ED

Focus   : Drug and Alcohol Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Early Pregnancies, Behaviour Change

Phone   :0882570799/0999157515/ 0888383425/ 0999066145/ 0999939360

Contact :Gift Chimbalanga (M) -ED

Focus    :HIV/AIDS, HTC and VTC, Behaviour Change, Vocational Skills Training, Education, Computer/ICT training

Phone    :0111580213/ 0888876927/ 0995111632

Contact :Andrew Mwanza (M)

Focus    :HIV/AIDS, SRH, Youth Participation, Education, Early Childhood Development, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Agriculture and Food Security, Environment Conservation

 Phone   :0111909333, 0999142259, 0111909333, 0882921374

Contact:Moses Chabuka
Focus:Agriculture, Food Security,Environment,Education,HIV and AIDS,Governance and Human Rights,Girls Empowerment
Phone:0999129943, 0881279028

Contact:Chisomo Bwanali (M) -ED

Contact:Wezi Kaunda
Focus:HIV/AIDS, Vocational Skills, Human Right, Environment
Phone:0888 684 882