The National Youth Council of Malawi Act (No 22 of 196) stipulates that no youth organisation shall operate in Malawi unless it is registered with the National Youth Council of Malawi. The following are the key considerations for registration;

  • Youth-led
  • Existence for at least one year
  • Physical address (office)
  • Objectives and mission
  • Impact area
  • Target group
  • Projects (past or present)
  • Financial procedure
  • Records (financial and activities)
  • Bank account
  • Constitution (defining roles and code of conduct)
  • Capacity (human, reliable Income Generating Activities, material)
  • Organisational structure (should include General Assembly, Board of Trustees/Directors, Secretariat and general membership).
  • Registration with the District Youth Officer (DYO)/Knowledge of existence by DYO

Youth organisations interested to register with us, can download the application form here or contact us for more information. Information about registration can also be acquired from the District Youth Officer (DYO) in each district.