Youth Initiative for Community Development (YICOD) conducted a tree planting exercise which run from the 5th of January to 6th of February in Dedza district.  With the support of MK 2,800, 000 from Act Alliance led by Chritian Aid Malawi; the exercise targeted school-going youths and a few of those out of school.

The exercise targeted Katsekaminga CDSS 2000, Mchisu 100, Chipalukwa 2000, Dedza RC 300, Dedza LEA 500, Kalinyeke Primary 4000, Kapesi Primary 300, Kasumbu Youth Club 300, Liphuphwe VGA 6000, Tapezana primary 4500, Mua RC Primary 4000 and Ngoni Primary 4000 trees.

In his remarks, YICOD’s Executive Director, Andrew Bwanali, bemoaned the pace at which deforestation is continuing and less involvement of young people in environmental restoration initiatives. He also highlighted that the organization mobilized the youths to plant 28000 trees in the district in an effort to instill environmentally friendly attitudes in the young generation.

“Young people are energetic and are the key in addressing deforestation. Engaging them therefore will help contribute towards environmental rehabilitation,” Bwanali said.

Blessings Chingaipe, the assistant District Forestry Officer, thanked YICOD for their exemplary role in achieving environmental sustainability. He also thanked Act Alliance for their commendable assistance in procurement of seedlings which are being planted.

“Considering the rate of deforestation in Dedza which is about 3.1% it is very much important for the youth to take a leading role in restoring the forests for ecosystem balance,”Chingaipe remarked.

He further urged the schools together with School management committees to take care of the planted trees to ensure higher survival rate.

The exercise complements Tree Cover Malawi Project (TCM) which is supported by Act Alliance led by Christian Aid Malawi.

YICOD was formed in 1996 and its main focus is on environment, human rights  and child labour.